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Reasons why we can’t live without Water

Two atoms of Hydrogen and One atom of Oxygen: a simple equation for such a seemingly simple substance. And yet; water is something we simply cannot live without. It surrounds us, marking national borders and territories. It’s flowing under the earth and floating as clouds and vapor in the sky. It’s in our bodies. On a biochemical level, it is an essential component for our continued existence, survival, and well-being. We need it to function properly, and we constantly need to drink it, or we cease to exist. Here are some reasons why our bodies simply can’t live without water:

Water protects our spinal cord, joints and tissue – drinking water helps moisten, cushion, and lubricate our joints, spinal cord, and body tissue; allowing us to engage in physical activity on an optimal level. Water also eases the discomfort caused by arthritis.

Water helps us perform physical activity better – hydration affects our power, overall strength, and endurance. Drinking water helps us perform exercises, sports, and other physical activities better by allowing us to properly hydrate and avoid problems such as decreased blood pressure and hyperthermia (especially in hot weather). Extreme dehydration can lead to more serious conditions like seizures and even death.

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