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Custom Labelled Bottled Water

Bottled Water Label Design: Key Factors to Consider for Effective Branding

  December 4th, 2023

Bottled water is a product found in every corner store, vending machine, and grocery aisle, making its label design a crucial aspect of effective branding. With a saturated market and fierce competition, the label design plays a pivotal role in capturing consumer attention and influencing purchasing decisions. A well-crafted label can convey the brand’s values,

Custom Water Bottles

The Art and Impact of Custom Labeled Water Bottles on Consumer Perception

  November 24th, 2023

In the world of marketing, every detail matters. Custom labeled water bottles have emerged as an art form, reflecting a brand’s identity and impacting consumer perception. Through meticulously designed labels, businesses communicate their commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, creating a strong visual identity that resonates with their target demographic. Personalization and Emotional Connection Custom

Water Bottles in Marketing

Making Waves: The Rising Trend of Custom Bottled Water in Marketing Campaigns

  November 10th, 2023

Believe it or not, custom bottled water has become one of the rising trends when it comes to marketing campaigns. This seemingly small and inconspicuous strategy is making waves in the advertising industry. There are actually countless reasons why it works and why most businesses gain a successful increase in sales when they advertise on

A seminar in action

Promotional Bottled Water for Seminars

  October 27th, 2023

Brand presence at seminars is crucial. It serves as a vital element in creating a lasting impression, establishing credibility, and fostering a connection with attendees. Here, the importance of promotional bottled water cannot be overstated. This humble item, often overlooked, plays a pivotal role in marketing and brand positioning. Leveraging your brand image at seminars

A golfer in action

Use of Custom Labeled Water Bottles in Golf Tournaments

  October 18th, 2023

In the elegant realm of golf tournaments, where precision and class meet, integrating custom labeled water bottles offers multiple advantages beyond mere hydration. The importance of these branded assets is often understated, yet their potential for brand visibility and creating connections is immense. Introducing custom labeled water bottles to golf tournaments is a tactful marketing

A runner with a bottle of custom labeled water

Benefits of Giving Away Water Bottles with Custom Labels

  October 9th, 2023

In the bustling marketing arena, grabbing attention without draining the budget is a balancing act. Giving away water bottles with custom labels is an ingenious approach that encapsulates practicality and promotional savvy, offering a hydration solution with a personalized twist. A sip of water is a daily necessity, translating to daily brand visibility. This invaluable

Rows of branded bottled water

More Bottled Water Brands That Contain Tap Water

  September 25th, 2023

In today’s fast-paced environment, bottled water has become an essential companion. From fitness clubs to car dealerships and trade shows to banks, its ever-present presence underscores a social shift towards convenience and perceived superiority. Yet, many consumers might be surprised to learn the origin of some of these bottled waters. Not all come from distant

Value Marketing using Water Bottles

How Does The Water Bottle Industry Create Value Marketing?

  September 18th, 2023

In the business world, particularly in sectors like car dealerships, trade shows, gyms, and universities, the art of standing out has never been more challenging or rewarding. Enter the water bottle industry, adeptly transforming a basic necessity into an aspirational lifestyle statement. We’ve all witnessed how a simple container of H2O can turn into a

Drinking Bottled Water

Custom Bottled Water: The Health Benefits

  September 8th, 2023

Hydration has been at the forefront of health discussions for years. Once considered a luxury, bottled water has become a staple in modern society. Its rise speaks to its convenience and role as a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. While water is essential for everything from digestion to body temperature regulation, the bottled version offers

Visual Inspection and Testing of Drinking Water

Stay Safe: How to Test If Your Water Is Safe to Drink

  August 28th, 2023

Welcome to the era of water safety! Emphasizing the importance of safe drinking water can never be overdone. Its significance is unarguable. At The Water Depot, we are mindful of the critical role of safe water in overall health and well-being. Hence, understanding why testing your drinking water is crucial becomes paramount. Understanding Drinking Water

Custom Labelled Water Bottles

How to Create the Perfect Custom Bottled Water Labels

  August 18th, 2023

Let’s peel back the layers on the magic of custom labels. In the grand scheme of branding, custom bottled water labels have emerged as effective tools for creating lasting impressions. The Water Depot proudly emphasizes the transformative power of a simple water bottle when adorned with a thoughtfully designed custom label. Understanding the Need for

Close-up of a water bottle

Water Bottle Label Templates for Every Occasion

  August 9th, 2023

The Importance of Personal Touch In an era where customization is the buzzword, employing personalized bottled water in your marketing mix can enhance brand recall. Custom label water bottles add a nuance of exclusivity, amplifying your brand’s personality and connection with the audience. First Impressions: Make Your Event Stand Out The most minor details often

RPET Water Bottles

Discover the Differences Between PET and rPET Personalized Water Bottles: Which is Better?

  July 31st, 2023

If you’re searching for an innovative way to elevate your marketing strategy and make a sustainable impact, it’s time to consider the growing trend of personalized water bottles. With The Water Depot, you can promote your environmentally-conscious brand with the eco-friendly option of rPET water bottles. But what’s the difference between PET and rPET bottles,

QR Codes on Customized Water Bottles

Boost Your Marketing with QR Codes on Custom Water Bottle Labels

  July 17th, 2023

In today’s competitive business environment, standing out from the crowd and engaging customers requires innovative marketing techniques. One such modern approach is utilizing QR codes, which can be seamlessly integrated with The Water Depot’s custom water bottle labels to elevate your marketing strategy. QR Codes: An Overview Quick Response (QR) codes are two-dimensional barcodes that

Bottled water in splash

Why Choose Bottled Water?

  July 7th, 2023

As a savvy business owner, you’re always looking for effective ways to ensure your customers feel appreciated and well-cared for. One such method to boost your brand and attract new customers lies in the simple gesture of offering bottled water. In this article, we’ll dive into the many benefits of bottled water and explore why

Promotional Water Bottle

Shop for Promotional Bottled Water: Your Guide to Personalized Business Marketing

  June 26th, 2023

In today’s competitive business world, it’s crucial to explore innovative marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd. Promotional bottled water has emerged as an effective way to do just that. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of shopping for promotional bottled water and how it can benefit your business. Remember to

Corporate Water Bottle Branding

Boost Corporate Branding with Custom Label Bottled Water

  June 16th, 2023

Discover the power of custom label bottled water in boosting your corporate brand image across various business sectors. Read on to learn more about the benefits and how The Water Depot can elevate your promotional efforts with unique, tailored water bottle freebies. Benefits of Using Custom Label Bottled Water for Brand Promotion Custom label bottled

Corporate Brand Promotion using Water Bottles

Stand Out with Unique Water Bottle Advertisement Strategies for Your Business

  June 9th, 2023

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s essential for companies to explore unique and innovative marketing techniques to promote their brand and attract more customers effectively. One such method is water bottle advertising. In this guide, we will discuss the various aspects of water bottle advertisements and how they can help your business stand out in

Drinking bottled water

Is It Safe and Healthy to Drink Bottled Water Every Day?

  May 31st, 2023

Bottled water has become so common in today’s modern world that it has become a regular part of life for most people. You buy bottled water when you’re out and about with friends, and you probably get custom bottled water from businesses during trade shows and other corporate events. You might even include bottled water

Your Source for Custom Bottled Water Labels

Here’s Why Our Custom Water Bottle Labels Are Different from Others

  May 15th, 2023

Custom bottled water has become one of the best giveaways entrepreneurs can use to promote their products and services. This isn’t surprising since bottled water allows businesses to 1) provide a useful freebie that their customers will appreciate and 2) increase brand awareness through custom water bottle labels that can be personalized with their company

Custom Water Bottles

How Do You Personalize Water Bottles?

  May 5th, 2023

Handing out complimentary gifts is an excellent way to grab the attention of your target audience, and custom bottled water is one of the best complimentary gifts you can prepare. However, before you can harness the marketing power of custom bottled water, you first have to ensure that it has the ideal look and feel

BPA-free rPET Bottles

BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottles: What Exactly Does That Mean?

  April 28th, 2023

Whether you’re talking about regular water bottles or personalized water bottles, there’s always one common detail written on the label of most of these products—BPA-free. In fact, many consumers look for that label relating it to safety and quality. But do you know what BPA-free actually means? What is BPA? Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a type

Your next sporting event

How to Improve Your Next Sporting Event to Spread More Awareness of Your Brand

  April 17th, 2023

Sporting events are an effective way to bring more exposure to your brand. But only if you do it right! With proper planning, you can transform your next sporting event into a fantastic branded spectacle that will drive awareness. From giving away branded water bottles to working with influencers, here are some ingenious tips to

A person holding a custom bottled water

What Are the Best Party Favors for 2023 Weddings?

  April 7th, 2023

Like many brides-to-be, you’re probably looking for ways to make your wedding special and memorable. The good news is that there are many solutions you can explore to have the unforgettable wedding you’ve always wanted. One of these is to give out one-of-the-kind wedding favors that your guests will definitely love and will make your

Batch of Custom Bottled Water

Exploring Different Custom Water Bottle Labels To Try For Your Business

  March 31st, 2023

There are many ways to promote your brand without consuming too much of your budget. One of these is using custom water bottle labels that will get you more exposure, set you apart from your competition and build brand loyalty among your customers. But which exactly are the best custom water bottle labels you should

A labeled bottle of water

A Guide to the Best File Formats for Label Artwork

  March 17th, 2023

Personalized water bottles have been used by a lot of businesses as part of their marketing campaigns for many years. Featuring creative logos, artistic expressions, and curated designs, these personalized water bottle labels are cheaper alternatives to other promotional materials, but they’re also highly effective in increasing brand exposure. If you’re just adapting personalized water

A bottle of water is healthy

What Are The Health Benefits of Bottled Water?

  March 6th, 2023

Many people equate bottled water with convenience, and they’re definitely not wrong. For one thing, it can be found almost anywhere, such as airports, sports stadiums, movie theaters, and more. You can even get custom bottled water when attending trade shows, product launches, and other corporate events! Since bottled water is lightweight, it’s easy to

Bottled Water Opportunities in a Gym

The Best Promotion Method for Gyms and Fitness Clubs: Custom Water Bottle Labels

  February 27th, 2023

Promoting a gym or fitness club can be quite tricky. After all, there’s only so much word-of-mouth can do, and you have a lot of competition around. Fortunately, you have one effective solution to this predicament—custom water bottle labels! Bottled water is a staple in any gym or fitness club, and customizing the labels can

Promoting Your Law Office and Attorney Services Through Custom Bottled Water

  February 15th, 2023

When they hear the word “marketing,” many people automatically think of retail and B2B companies — not attorneys and legal practices. However, the fact is that lawyers do need to advertise themselves and their practices if they want to build a good reputation and attract more clients. Otherwise, they can get lost in the sea

Custom Labeled Water: Why It Can Make the Marketing Difference for Your Medical Office

  February 3rd, 2023

Creativity really goes a long way when it comes to marketing. If you’re looking for effective but affordable ways to promote your business, promotional items such as branded water bottles will always do the job. And if you’re looking for ways to get your medical office recognized by consumers, you can always add custom water

Ways to Boost your Real Estate Advertising

  January 20th, 2023

The field of real estate is intensely competitive and highly innovative. This highlights the importance of real estate agents staying on top of their game. It’s not enough to have a solid grasp of real estate listings and contracts, you also need to jumpstart your advertising game to a whole new level. Check out some

Five Dynamic Ways for Banks to Enhance Customer Service

  January 11th, 2023

They say money makes the world go round, which is precisely why we’re so careful when choosing the institution that takes care of our hard-earned cash. As customers, we look for things like convenience and location when choosing our bank, but what’s more important than these things is customer service. How we’re treated inside the

Using Personalized Water Bottles to Make Your Corporate Events Even More Special

  January 6th, 2023

Organizing events is one of the best ways to make your company stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a product launch for your latest offering or a customer appreciation event for your loyal clients, a well-planned event will allow you to set your business apart from other business rivals and catch the attention of

Get Hydrated and Stay in Good Health with These Types of Water Bottles

  December 30th, 2022

Most restaurants and other establishments offer free water to their guests, and many companies even hand out branded water bottles as part of their marketing strategy. But despite water availability in today’s modern world, it’s not really advisable to depend on this when you’re out and about. To keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, you’ll

Marketing Your Insurance Company? Use Personalized Water Bottle Labels

  December 16th, 2022

Marketing in a very competitive world can be stressful, especially if you’re in the insurance field, competing against some of the top names in the industry. If you’ve been trying different strategies and spending your money on the wrong ones, maybe it’s time to consider using custom water bottle labels to promote your company. Here’s

Purified and Spring Water: What Makes Them Different

  December 2nd, 2022

Drinking sufficient water is vital for your health, enabling every cell in your body to work correctly. Because of this, it’s crucial to drink enough water throughout the day. Many different kinds of water are available, with spring and filtered variants among the most well-liked. Consider how they vary and whether you should pick one.

Why should I get personalized bottled water labels?

  November 21st, 2022

Since water is vital to life and we can never get enough of it, anything that makes it easier to drink water is good for your health. Your preference for bottled water may be influenced by its color, shape, design, label, or a combination of these factors. As a result, customized water bottles have several

Custom Labelled Bottled Water For Schools – Why do they use it, or How is it beneficial to them?

  November 7th, 2022

Many privately owned schools offer complimentary bottled water with their personalized label on them. This is because it helps the school name be shared in different places where they would most likely not be found otherwise. In other words, any school would benefit significantly from using custom-branded water bottles as promotional items. They are also

How Can You Advertise Your Brand and Attract More Customers?

  October 31st, 2022

No matter how great your product or innovative your solutions are, you won’t be able to sell them if no one knows they exist. This is why, whether you’re starting a small startup or managing a larger company, you must set advertising as one of your priorities and get the word out about your products

Are You Drinking Enough Water? Here Are Some of the Benefits

  October 19th, 2022

You’ve heard this advice often from your mom: “you need to drink more water.” Unfortunately, you might not have followed that advice for a long time, thinking that you’re young and energetic, so it’s okay to drink more soda and juice than water. But there’s a scientific basis to drinking enough water and how it

Custom Labeled Bottled Water for Your Dentist’s Office: Why It’s Beneficial

  October 3rd, 2022

Being a dentist means that you’re an important part of the community. But since you’re probably not the only dentist in town, you also need to work on elevating yourself so people choose to visit you over others. Sometimes, this means taking advantage of the small details that could mean a lot to your clients,

Custom Labeled Water Bottles: How to Use them for Your Car Dealership’s Marketing

  September 21st, 2022

As a car dealership, you’re up against some tough competition, so it’s crucial to be creative with your marketing strategy. Luckily, there’s no need for a lot of money to ensure your dealership gets noticed. One of the easiest ways to promote your business while offering that extra service to your customers is by using

Labeled Bottled Water: An Effective Marketing Tool

  September 7th, 2022

For many people, bottled water is something they should remember to put in the grocery cart when they’re out shopping. For others, it can be a lifesaver when they’re out and about and don’t want to haul around a heavy tumbler with them. However, bottled water is more than just a basic human need or

How Fast Turnaround Time Can Turn Your Company Around – For the Better!

  August 19th, 2022

Nowadays, it can be challenging to pinpoint precisely the gaps and problems in the performance of a company or business. With social media and other distractions for employees, one of the struggles of business owners is slow turnaround time in their operations and implementation of projects. First, let us understand what turnaround time is. In

Common Side Effects of Drinking Tap Water

  August 7th, 2022

You probably already know the benefits of bottled water: it doesn’t have any unpleasant aftertaste and is more enjoyable to drink, and it’s available almost everywhere and can be a good option for on-the-go hydration. However, switching to bottled water isn’t just about taste and convenience: it’s also about health and safety! This comes from

Which Contaminants Make Tap Water Unsafe to Drink?

  July 27th, 2022

“Why is bottled water better?” Like many people, you’ve probably asked yourself this at least once and wondered why you should pay for bottled water when tap water is available almost everywhere. There are many answers to this question: bottled water is packed with added nutrients, has a better and more palatable taste, and provides

Which Bottled Water Brands Contain Tap Water

  July 22nd, 2022

Bottled Water Brands That Actually Contain Tap Water: What You Need to Know A lot of companies nowadays sell bottled water in a wide range of options, like flavored variants and those with added electrolytes. Some even offer personalized water bottles to help businesses advertise their products and services and strengthen brand recognition. But did

What Types of Labels Are Used for Water Bottles?

  July 1st, 2022

A Closer Look at the Different Types of Labels Used for Water Bottles Bottled water has kept the world hydrated for many years, and there’s a constant demand for this product on the market since it’s already considered a need. Now, if your business sells bottled water, you know that there’s also a huge competition

Types of Water Bottles: Which Is Your Best Option?

  June 21st, 2022

Whether you’re fasting, doing Keto or practicing ayurveda, there’s always the emphasis on drinking water regularly. In fact, it’s the only consistent factor in maintaining one’s health: drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Unfortunately, most of us still forget to follow this part of our daily routine. Our hectic schedules and busy

Tap Water vs. Bottled Water: Which Is the Better Choice?

  June 14th, 2022

Like many people, you’ve probably found yourself in situations where you had to choose between getting tap water and grabbing a water bottle. Both options can provide you with different benefits, so it’s important to weigh your options and decide which choice best fits your needs and preferences. Here’s a guide to help you get

The Unique Benefits Of Custom Label Advertising

  March 30th, 2022

Someone once looked the label on a bottle of water and thought, “What if there was a way to advertise my brand here instead of theirs?” It’s a perfect example of how a simple idea – one that makes perfect sense – can quickly grow into a brand new and highly successful way to reach

What Makes Us Different from The Rest

  March 15th, 2022

To earn the degree of success we’ve been blessed with since we started in early 2003, we’ve never lost sight of our goal to provide consistently exceptional and professional customer service, products of the very highest quality, and lightning-fast order turnaround time. We became the custom bottled water advertising company for literally thousands of businesses

Save Time and Money on Shipping with the Water Depot

  February 8th, 2022

There are many buzzwords of the pandemic, and while some of them refer to fun things —such as bread baking, puzzles, Among Us, and Wordle —many other words refer to decidedly unfun things. One such buzzword is “shipping delay.” Supply chain experts noticed an increase in the time delays in worldwide shipping in the final

High Quality Custom Label Bottled Water

  January 31st, 2022

The First Mark of Quality: A Solid Bottle Remember what single-use plastic bottles were like when we were kids? Are you imagining that they felt more solid? Well, you aren’t just imagining it —they were more solid! In the past 20 years, manufacturers have reduced the thickness of the plastic that is used to make

Water Treatment and Purification 101: Ozonation

  August 6th, 2019

Water is considered the “universal solvent” because it allows us to dissolve solid items for creating aqueous solutions: a solution where water acts as a solvent and is mixed with other substances; allowing us to dissolve sugar and coffee for example, in order to create a beverage. However, there are times when water is too

Reasons why we can’t live without Water

  February 27th, 2019

Two atoms of Hydrogen and One atom of Oxygen: a simple equation for such a seemingly simple substance. And yet; water is something we simply cannot live without. It surrounds us, marking national borders and territories. It’s flowing under the earth and floating as clouds and vapor in the sky. It’s in our bodies. On

BPA-free rPET Bottles

Other uses for Recycled rPET Bottles

  November 19th, 2018

Do the words Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate or rPET ring a bell? If not, then don’t worry: this plastic resin (which is a form of polyester) is not really well-known in many circles. However, there is no doubt that you’ve probably made use of this material at one time or another: this is because it is

How to Make Your Sports Event a Hit

  September 18th, 2018

  Hosting a good sports event takes a lot of planning. But with some prep-work, you can make your sports event stand out from the rest. Here are 6 easy-to-remember tips to make your event a fun-filled memorable day.   #1. Form Committees You need the right people for the right job. The key to

With a Variety of Sizes to Choose From, You Can't Go Wrong with Our Customized Bottled Water

The Eco-friendly Advantages of Using RPET Bottles

  September 13th, 2018

When you buy your bottled water for the trip to the Gym or your daily commute, it’ll probably come in a PET bottle. PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, a type of polyester: a material that’s more like fabric than plastic. This material is turned into plastic bottles by means of extruding and molding. “Virgin” PET

Our Custom Water Bottles are BPA-Free and 100% Recyclable

The History of Bottled Water

  August 6th, 2018

  Water is an essential component for life. We can’t live without it. Our adult bodies contain roughly 60 % of it. Although it has become a common fixture in our lives (as well as our grocery carts, gym bags, and travel packs), bottled water was not always so easy to find. So how did

Drinking more water reduces sugar, sodium and saturated fat intake

  July 6th, 2018

  A study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, led by Prof. Ruopeng An from the University of Illinois revealed that people who increased their consumption of plain water by one to three cups daily lowered total energy intake by 68-205 calories each day and their sodium intake by 78-235 g each day.

5 Ways Customer Service Matters for Your Bottled Water Orders

  April 13th, 2018

Proudly Featured by the Advertising Specialty Institute You found the water bottles and labels you want, so any supplier who carries them will do, right? Wrong! The Water Depot is here to explain how quality customer service can make the difference between a standard one-time order and an extraordinary order that will have your customers

How to Spot the Best Custom Bottled Water

How to Spot the Best Custom Bottled Water (Part 1)

  March 16th, 2018

Proudly Featured by the Advertising Specialty Institute   Not all bottled water is created equal! Learn from the experts at The Water Depot on how to tell high-quality custom bottled water apart from cheap bottles that won’t hold up. They are here to share how to spot cheap plastic, unfiltered water, low-quality labels, and much more.

Bottled Water - It's Good for Your Health

3 Health Benefits of Bottled Water

  February 27th, 2018

  People most commonly use bottled water out of convenience, or a distaste for tap water, but it can actually have some significant health benefits! Bottled water is our life at Water Depot Inc. and we know these benefits all too well. Today we’d like to highlight a few of them to give you a

Bottled Water

Four Ways Businesses Can Use Bottled Water to Promote Their Brand

  January 15th, 2018

  As any business owner has noticed, advertising is difficult. No matter your field, the market is such a saturated place, and people are finding more and more ways to avoid absorbing the messages that are essential for a company to grow. So, instead of utilizing ineffective traditional methods of advertising, why not give a

Healthy Skin through Hydration

  December 13th, 2017

  The cosmetic industry has searched for decades to find a solution to aging, wrinkling, dry, and flaking skin, and not without some success. Lotions, creams, and makeup has flooded the market, all trying to sell you the secret to healthy skin. But did you know the real secret could be contained in a simple

Four Perfect Special Events for Water Bottle Advertising

  November 13th, 2017

  Finding ways to advertise your business in a tasteful but effective way is the true challenge of creative marketing. At the Water Depot Inc., we’ve found that providing potential customers and clients with something they’ll actually need and use while spreading your good name is always a wise tactic. And who doesn’t need a

Personalize Your Water Botttles with a Custom Logo or Message

Why Should You Consider Water Bottle Advertising?

  July 13th, 2017

Advertising on its own can get very expensive very quickly, and without a guarantee of always hitting your target demographic. It’s a struggle to balance a reasonable marketing budget with a worthwhile return on your investment. Fortunately, your team at The Water Depot has some suggestions that might help. The first thing to realize is

Young Graphic Designer Using a Tablet

Creating an Effective Label

  April 21st, 2017

When you’ve got your ad on a water bottle, you want it to be eye-catching, legible, memorable, and persuasive. That’s a tall order for only a few square inches of space. Fortunately, you can maximize your label’s effectiveness if you follow a few solid design principles. 1. Color Use You want the colors you use

Young Woman Holding a Phone with a QR Code

Label Design Tip: Use QR Codes to Increase Customer Interaction

  March 8th, 2017

Custom water bottle labels are great advertising tools, because they put your brand in the hand of your consumer wherever they go. Your logo and message will be seen not just by your consumer throughout the day, but by others they interact with. But no matter how well designed a label is, it is still

Woman Holding a Water Bottle

Why Bottled Water Advertising Makes Sense

  February 8th, 2017

A report from the International Bottled Water Association states that, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, “bottled water will surpass [carbonated soft drinks] to become the number one beverage in America by early 2017.” Another fact from that report: sales of bottled water in 2015 totaled $14.2 billion—that’s over $38.9 million every day. With that

Benefits of Drinking Water You May Not Have Known About

  January 12th, 2017

We’ve all been told that we need to drink at least eight cups of water a day, but do you know why? Considering our bodies are made up of a lot of water, it makes sense that drinking enough water would provide us with benefits. Here are some of the reasons that you should be

Who Needs Customized Water Bottles?

  September 30th, 2014

Who woulda thunk it?  Putting water in a bottle to sell — and then the vision to see Advertising on the bottle as well?  Innovative and effective!   That’s where The Water Depot, Inc. (TWD) comes in.   Since early 2003 TWD has produced, labeled and sold custom label bottled water to thousands of businesses

Custom Bottled Water is a Great Way to Deliver your Advertising Message. Perfect For:

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