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Water Treatment and Purification 101: Ozonation

Water is considered the “universal solvent” because it allows us to dissolve solid items for creating aqueous solutions: a solution where water acts as a solvent and is mixed with other substances; allowing us to dissolve sugar and coffee for example, in order to create a beverage. However, there are times when water is too good of a solvent: as it flows naturally in the earth or through our pipes; there is a danger that it may dissolve certain metals such as manganese, sulfur, and iron which can affect our health negatively.

One way of dealing with this problem is by purifying the water we drink. In a previous blog post; we told you about the process of Reverse Osmosis which blocks or filters contaminants that may be present in our drinking water. Today, we would like to discuss another important water purifying method: Ozonation.

Ozone is an inorganic molecule existing naturally as a pale blue gas with a distinctively pungent odor. It carries three oxygen atoms, with one of them only weakly bonded. This means that the weakly-bonded atom can and will transfer itself to other substances; causing them to oxidize when the atom bonds with them.

In the process of Ozonation, a device known as an ozone generator creates artificial ozone by using either ultraviolet light, electrolytic reactions, or chemical reactions. The ozone is passed through a diffuser which creates ozone-saturated bubbles that are mixed with water in a purification tank. The weakly-bonded atoms in the ozone will then bind themselves to bacteria, viruses, and potentially toxic metals that have been dissolved in the water; turning them into insoluble particles that can then be removed from the water by conventional filtering methods. Aside from purifying the water; ozonation also helps in improving its taste and odor.

Water is essential to both our health and our survival. Ozonation is another important purification method that makes our water cleaner and safer to drink.

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