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High Quality Custom Label Bottled Water

The First Mark of Quality: A Solid Bottle

Remember what single-use plastic bottles were like when we were kids? Are you imagining that they felt more solid? Well, you aren’t just imagining it —they were more solid!

In the past 20 years, manufacturers have reduced the thickness of the plastic that is used to make single-use water bottles, all in an attempt to look more eco-conscious. And they didn’t reduce the amount of plastic just a little! For example, for a 16.9 oz water bottle, they’ve reduced the amount of plastic by half! The result? A flimsy water bottle —and cranky consumers.

Our bottles are manufactured with thicker plastic, but they are still 100% recyclable. When you pick one up, you won’t feel like your fingers are about to poke holes! Your guests will feel the mark of quality with each sip with our high quality, custom label bottled water.

The Second Mark of Quality: A Gorgeous & Professional Label

If you are the hands-on type, making your own labels may appeal to you, while others maybe thinking that DIY labels are the perfect way to cut costs. And in the age of blogs and channels, there’s certainly no dearth of information to guide someone who likes being crafty or thrifty.

We certainly don’t want to stop people from doing their thing, but it needs to be said: while you may save a few pennies by making your own labels, you risk spending many frustrated hours trying to find the right papers and sealants, then troubleshooting their use to produce a consistently professional result.

And what’s more? It may not save much money after all. While ordinary materials like printer paper and packing tape are cheap and easy to obtain, they don’t produce labels that are suitable for high quality, custom label bottled water. A better result requires better materials —and the know-how to use them.

At The Water Depot, we’ve already sourced the perfect materials and streamlined our process, which means we can produce beautiful labels in a timely manner—labels that showcase your brand.

If it’s high quality, custom label bottled water that you seek, look no further! Call The Water Depot, Inc. at 866-903-2505 or email

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