Is It Safe and Healthy to Drink Bottled Water Every Day?

Bottled water has become so common in today’s modern world that it has become a regular part of life for most people. You buy bottled water when you’re out and about with friends, and you probably get custom bottled water from businesses during trade shows and other corporate events. You might even include bottled water in your weekly shopping list if you live in an area with a not-so-safe municipal water supply.

However, despite the constant presence of bottled water, many people are still unsure how safe it is to consume. This is why many consumers are still asking: “Is bottled water safe to drink?”

It Depends on the Water Source

The answer to this question primarily depends on where your custom bottled water is sourced and how it’s obtained. Ideally, the water should be obtained from pristine sources of spring water that hasn’t been exposed to any pollutants and is perfectly safe to drink. You can also go one step ahead and opt for purified water, which has gone through modern processes like ozonation, carbon filtration, and reverse osmosis to remove all traces of impurities.

Another factor to consider is the material of the bottle where your water is stored. Ideally, the bottle should be 100% free of BPA, which has been proven to have serious negative effects on the body’s immune, reproductive, and neurological systems and can cause various health problems such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Opt for Bottled Water to Maintain Good Health

If you can ensure that your custom bottled water is obtained from trusted sources and that it’s stored in the right bottle, then you’ll have the assurance that it’s safe to consume on a daily basis. In fact, drinking bottled water is highly recommended if you live in an area where water safety isn’t a priority for the authorities or if you simply want to ensure that you’re drinking clean water.

Remember: most municipal water systems use chlorine and other types of chemicals to treat water and make it “clean.” While this process does remove pathogens, it can expose you to harsh chemicals that can have negative effects on your body. Even if the treated water is perfectly safe to drink, it might still get contaminated if it passes through pipes that aren’t regularly cleaned and maintained.

Improve Your Hydration with Bottled Water

There’s a reason why custom bottled water is always present in business settings and corporate events: they remind people to drink more water and make it easy for them to stay hydrated. After all, with its lightweight and convenient packaging, it’s easy to slip a bottle of water in your purse, backpack, or even a jacket pocket and reach for it when you feel thirsty. This isn’t always possible when you carry around a water tumbler, which is usually heavy, cumbersome, and easy to forget or leave behind.

If you’re constantly dehydrated and starting to experience physical symptoms, your best option is to make bottled water a part of your daily life. With its convenience, you’ll find it easier to meet your body’s hydration needs and maintain good health.

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