3 Health Benefits of Bottled Water

Bottled Water - It's Good for Your Health


People most commonly use bottled water out of convenience, or a distaste for tap water, but it can actually have some significant health benefits! Bottled water is our life at Water Depot Inc. and we know these benefits all too well. Today we’d like to highlight a few of them to give you a better idea of how bottled water can benefit your life!


Better Water Intake

We need a certain amount of water every day to stay healthy. However, there are a lot of obstacles that sometimes keep people from getting enough water. A big one is work; being at the office, busy all day, often distracts from that kind of need. We’re also drawn to other, less healthy drinks like soda or juice. The simple act of carrying a bottle of water motivates better water consumption habits.


Flavoring & Added Nutrients

A lot of people prefer the taste of bottled water to tap water, and there are many options now for flavoring water to be a break from the monotony of one flavor. Along with this added flavoring is often the addition of other nutrients and electrolytes that our bodies need and may not get as often as they should otherwise.


Free of Impurities

Tap water is carefully prepared to be drinkable, but it goes through a lot to get to your faucet that can add contaminants and impurities back into it after it has been filtered. Bottled water is safe from these issues as it goes into the bottles in its purest form, clean of any debris or impurities.


As an added bonus for businesses and organizations, bottled water makes a great tool for advertising. Our branded bottled water put your message right in the hands of customers, and makes them grateful to be holding it! Contact us today to see your logo printed on water bottles for your distribution!



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