Save Time and Money on Shipping with the Water Depot

There are many buzzwords of the pandemic, and while some of them refer to fun things —such as bread baking, puzzles, Among Us, and Wordle —many other words refer to decidedly unfun things. One such buzzword is “shipping delay.”

Supply chain experts noticed an increase in the time delays in worldwide shipping in the final months of 2021, and unfortunately, the problems that caused the delays have continued into 2022: congested ports, cancelled trips, and work restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic. We understand you may have concerns about your order, but we’re here to assure you that you’ll save time and money on shipping with the Water Depot.

Save Time and Money on Shipping

To allay your fears about shipping disruptions, know this: we have multiple production plants, located all across the lower 48 and also in Canada. Having multiple plants means that we have plenty of flexibility to make the moves that will get your order completed quickly and efficiently. We can choose the plant that best accommodates your preferences (bottle size and cap style) while taking the shipping destination into account.

In addition, we maintain relationships with a long list of freight vendors. We have selected them carefully! They have proved that they can work with us to efficiently handle the goods with care and deliver them on time. Based on the quantity being shipped and the final destination of the order, we choose the best vendor for the job. That’s why you’ll save time and money on shipping with the Water Depot.

Great Customer Service

And our job doesn’t stop once the bottles have left our plant! We tirelessly track the movement of our customer’s order until it is in their hands. Why? Because the customer is first in everything we do. We have earned a five-star rating in our industry for our customer service, and we work hard every day to maintain this prestigious ranking.

How long does it take? After you review and approve the label proofs we send you, bottling takes 5 to 7 days, and shipping takes 1 to 3.

If you want to save time and money on shipping when you order custom label bottled water, look no further!Call The Water Depot, Inc. at 866-903-2505 or email