Creating an Effective Label

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When you’ve got your ad on a water bottle, you want it to be eye-catching, legible, memorable, and persuasive. That’s a tall order for only a few square inches of space. Fortunately, you can maximize your label’s effectiveness if you follow a few solid design principles.

1. Color Use

You want the colors you use to stand out, but not to overwhelm your logo, if you use one. Make sure that the text has a high contrast from any background colors as well, so people can read it, even from a distance.

2. Font Choice

Avoid common, boring fonts like Times New Roman and Arial in favor of something more distinct or elegant. Also avoid fonts that have been overused in advertising or logos, like Papyrus and Comic Sans.

3. Text Size & Legibility

Any text you want people to see should be large and prominent. Make sure it can be read from a reasonable distance, and if the font you chose makes it hard to read, try to find something simpler, while still being similar enough to fit in your labels theme.

4. Images and Logos

Images grab people’s attention better, so feature your product on the label, especially if you can show it in use. Using good logo will help people remember your brand.

5. Label Size

Choosing the right bottle and label size to display your ad is crucial. If you choose a smaller label size, then make sure the label doesn’t become too busy with too much text or too many images. Consider moving up to a larger size if you find your design just doesn’t work in a smaller space.


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