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Label Design Tip: Use QR Codes to Increase Customer Interaction

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Custom water bottle labels are great advertising tools, because they put your brand in the hand of your consumer wherever they go. Your logo and message will be seen not just by your consumer throughout the day, but by others they interact with. But no matter how well designed a label is, it is still just a passive message. . . unless you take steps to change that. Customer interaction doesn’t have to end when the consumer walks away with your water bottle if that bottle has a QR code incorporated into the design.

Interactive QR Codes

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can encode many different kinds of data, which users can access by using a smartphone or tablet app. If you add a QR code to your label, an interested consumer can quickly get taken to your website. It can lead consumers to your home page or a landing page set up specifically for the QR code. This page could get them to sign up for a newsletter, offer a special discount, or anything else that would increase brand awareness and business.

Don’t settle for a passive advertising tool. Interact with your customers. When you design your custom water bottle label with the Water Depot, consider adding a QR code to your design.

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