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Labeled Bottled Water: An Effective Marketing Tool

For many people, bottled water is something they should remember to put in the grocery cart when they’re out shopping. For others, it can be a lifesaver when they’re out and about and don’t want to haul around a heavy tumbler with them. However, bottled water is more than just a basic human need or an item of convenience — it can also be a highly effective marketing tool for many businesses! By taking the proper steps, you can harness the power of personalized water bottles and use them to attract more customers and sharpen your business’s competitive edge.

Is Labeled Bottled Water a Good Marketing Tool?

The short answer is: “Yes.” The biggest reason behind this is that bottled water has become ubiquitous and essential for those on the go. People won’t hesitate to accept free bottled water from corporate events since they know they can use it later.

Of course, it’s not just about convenience. For many people, it’s also about receiving freebies that won’t add to the clutter that they may already have in their homes. Remember: there are only so many branded pens, mugs, lanyards, and USBs that a person can store on their desk. By handing out consumable items such as custom bottled water, you’ll have more people happily accepting your complimentary items. By doing this, you can reach a wider audience and significantly improve your brand awareness.

Given that you’re handing out a highly useful freebie, you’ll make potential customers associate your brand with positive emotions. This is important since when your target audience views your light in a positive light, it can lead to more engagement and higher sales down the road.

Making Your Labeled Bottled Water Stand Out

Nowadays, entrepreneurs can access modern technology and services that help them create personalized bottled water labels. However, simply ordering these labels isn’t enough! To ensure that your branded water bottles will help your brand awareness and stir up customer curiosity, you also have to:

  • Create the ideal design — Your promotional bottled water labels should feature your company logo and brand colors so they can help you promote increased brand recognition. But don’t just slap your logo on the label and call it a day; instead, find ways to make your design more eye-catching and ensure that people will remember it.
  • Use quality materials — Most people will know the quality of bottled water even just by holding it, so you must ensure that your custom-labeled water is ready to impress. Avoid flimsy water bottles that can break after being dropped once, and make sure that you’re using world-class spring water or purified water that’s free of contaminants.
  • Appeal to your target audience — If your products or services are geared towards children, consider ordering 8 oz or 12 oz bottles that small hands can easily hold. If your target market is athletes and fitness-conscious people, ask your manufacturer if your water bottles can be made with sports caps instead of the traditional screw cap.


Reach Out to Our Team

With proper planning, you can use personalized water bottles to get the word out about your products and services and grab the attention of your target audience. If you’d like to know more about custom water bottle labels, reach out to The Water Depot today! We provide high-quality water bottles and personalized bottled water labels and can help you create the ultimate marketing tool for your business. Give us a call now!

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