How Fast Turnaround Time Can Turn Your Company Around – For the Better!

Nowadays, it can be challenging to pinpoint precisely the gaps and problems in the performance of a company or business. With social media and other distractions for employees, one of the struggles of business owners is slow turnaround time in their operations and implementation of projects.

First, let us understand what turnaround time is. In a general sense, “turnaround time” means the extent or the duration of a process to undergo initiation up to completion. The turnaround time of projects is the amount of time it takes to complete the entire project. For specific organizations or companies, a shorter turnaround time is preferable to a longer one because it would also mean a quick return on investment. If a company invests time and effort into a project, the project will be done on time or earlier, and the company will gain more.

So how can my company have a faster turnaround time


  • Incentivize your people. Sometimes, to improve your employees’ performance, you have to keep it simple: through the giving of incentives and rewards. Simple and tangible rewards like customized coffee mugs, personalized water bottles, company bags, or coffee shop coupons will motivate employees to perform faster and more efficiently. Perhaps they’ll submit quarterly reports more quickly or execute an activity design ahead of the deadline.
  • Provide health benefits at the office. Maybe it’s time to stock your office pantry with green salads, organic cookies and biscuits, and wheat bread sandwiches. Give healthy options to your team because everybody knows that healthy workers are efficient workers. You should also ensure that your team stays hydrated during work hours. You can do so by gifting them personalized water bottles with their name and job title or branded water bottles with just your company’s logo for their cubicles.
  • Document accomplishments. Slow turnaround of projects in your company could be caused by poor handling of human resources or low-capacity development for the staff. You should address this problem by targeting the accomplishments of your team and publishing or acknowledging their contributions to the company. You have to remember that efficiency is not just measured in results but in how those results are presented.
  • Sustain skill training sessions for your staff. It could be that the bottleneck in your company is a lack of focus or a lack of soft skills in your team. Now is the perfect time to conduct more employee training sessions, especially those targeting project implementation methods, and results-based strategies. You’ll soon notice a fast turnaround in your company’s performance and efficiency results.
  • Automate workflow. Building an automated process can be done by hiring or outsourcing an information technology service team. Your team can execute tasks faster and produce better results simply by having automated programs and software that make their jobs easier.


Business owners’ ultimate job is to build a positive work culture amongst employees. It’s not just about churning out products and services but about developing your staff and team to become better versions of themselves and better professionals. Perhaps handing out personalized water bottles might light up their day too! So what are you waiting for? Contact The Water Depot today!