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A Guide to the Best File Formats for Label Artwork

Personalized water bottles have been used by a lot of businesses as part of their marketing campaigns for many years. Featuring creative logos, artistic expressions, and curated designs, these personalized water bottle labels are cheaper alternatives to other promotional materials, but they’re also highly effective in increasing brand exposure.

If you’re just adapting personalized water bottle labels as part of your marketing campaign, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with the best file formats for label artwork.

  • Adobe Illustrator: AI is created based on the standards of PDF and EPS file formats. It’s also the standard format for Adobe Illustrator, so it’s the default file format for designers using this application for creating personalized water bottle labels.The AI format is best used for creating a logo, icon, or brand mascot, designing a set type for a logo, or creating a single-page print project. This type of file format can also be converted to PSD, TIFF, GIFT, JPEG, and PNG for easier editing and into PES and PDF for printing and proofing personalized water bottle labels.
  • Encapsulated PostScript: EPS or Encapsulated PostScript is used primarily for creating vector graphics in personalized water bottle labels. Some designers also use it to create raster images; it’s the most highly recommended option for printing high-resolution illustrations.Most designers also use PES for vector logos, banners, and larger signs because it can offer the best results when printed. It’s also one of the best options for personalized water bottle labels because the print can stay longer and not go through wear and tear immediately.
  • High-resolution PDF: PDF, or Portable Document Format, is another widely used file format for personalized water bottle labels and other print files because it can easily adapt no matter what operating system, web browser, or application the designer uses.PDF can also display high-resolution images and text without any issues, which is why it’s best used for personalized water bottle labels, posters, flyers, magazines, and booklets.
  • JPG/JPEG: This is one of the most widely used image formats for personalized water bottle labels because it’s not only easy to create, but it also produces high-quality imagery. JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is best used for artwork and images, although you need to work with experts to make sure that images are not compressed, which could affect their quality.
  • PSD: If your designer uses Adobe Photoshop to create personalized water bottle labels, they will come in the PSD file format. The best thing about PSD is that you can edit the original file with different adjustments and multiple layers.Designers recommend PSD for editing artwork, retouching photos, creating digital images for banner ads and social media, and designing mockups. It’s also used for creating and editing raster images.


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Whatever file format you prefer for your personalized water bottle labels, make sure you work with a company with the tools and experience to produce the best personalized water bottle labels and other marketing materials for your business. Get in touch with The Water Depot today!

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