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Exploring Different Custom Water Bottle Labels To Try For Your Business

There are many ways to promote your brand without consuming too much of your budget. One of these is using custom water bottle labels that will get you more exposure, set you apart from your competition and build brand loyalty among your customers.

But which exactly are the best custom water bottle labels you should try for your business?

Types of Custom Water Bottle Labels

Your choice of custom water bottle labels will depend primarily on the type of bottles that you’re using, the size of these bottles, and the purpose of these labels. That said, here are the common types of water bottle labels that you can choose from:

• Full wrap label

This is one of the most commonly used type of custom water bottle labels because it wraps all the way around the bottle giving you ample space for branding. But if you’re working on a budget, you also have the option to do a half wrap where the label only goes around half of the bottle.

• Shaped label

When it comes to custom water bottle labels, you can have your labels customized according to your preferences, such as circles, arches, hearts, hexagons, or even starbursts. Even though it might make your custom water bottle labels stand out, we don’t recommend this type of label much, since the shape does not allow for design or information space. The Water Depot does not currently offer this type of label.

• Roll and cut to size labels

Depending on your needs, you can also customize your water bottle labels, either roll or cut to size. Roll labels are ideal if you’re doing high-volume applications because they’re faster and easier to apply, and you can feed the roll to a machine or apply the labels by hand. On the other hand, you can do a cut-to-size label where each label is cut individually for you to peel and stick on the bottles. This is best used for manual applications and for smaller quantities, as applying them could take some time.

You also have the option to do sheet printing, where you can use different designs in one sheet and choose which labels you’re going to use for specific bottles. On the other hand, Kiss-cut is an option where labels are cut but not all the way through for a unique look.

How to choose the right custom water bottle labels

Now that you know the different types of custom water bottle labels, here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your business:

• Determine the size of your bottle.

Although water bottles may look the same, they actually come in different shapes and sizes. So, before ordering your custom water bottle labels, it’s imperative to determine your water bottle’s exact shape and size first, so you can guarantee that it will fit your water bottle perfectly.

• Determine the distance around the bottle.

Whether you’re choosing a full or half-wrap label, you need to ensure that you’re giving your supplier the correct measurement for the distance around your bottle, so they can create a label that will look good on your bottles and not look too small or big on them.

Of course, it’s crucial to choose a supplier for custom water bottle labels that you can trust. Get in touch with The Water Depot to know your options.

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