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How to Make Your Sports Event a Hit



Hosting a good sports event takes a lot of planning. But with some prep-work, you can make your sports event stand out from the rest. Here are 6 easy-to-remember tips to make your event a fun-filled memorable day.


#1. Form Committees

You need the right people for the right job. The key to a successful sports event is to recruit workers. Get volunteers and assign committees to make sure that the event will run smoothly. Brainstorm for ideas and list items and supplies that will be needed like score cards, posters, timing clocks, medals or awards. Since it’s not an easy task to organize a sports tournament, the more help you can get the better. Make sure that you compensate your workers well with food and drinks.


#2. Advertise the Tournament

Promote your tournament by making posters, brochures, flyers and print ads. Have your friends like you on social media, and use newspaper ads for more popularity. Advertise thru accessible products like bottled water. The Water Depot has been producing, labeling, and selling custom labels for bottled water to thousands of businesses and individuals throughout the United States and Canada. You can spread your sports event quickly, affordably, and effectively with the help of The Water Depot. Advertising on a bottle of fresh, great tasting water is an excellent way to reach people and make them feel happy and refreshed.


#3. Get Sponsors to Co-brand the Labels

It is a great idea to get sponsors for your event. Find companies who would also benefit from the event through co-branding on your water bottle labels. Participants will also feel that your event is important because of the presence of other brands that support your event. Have a bank or car dealer’s logo together with famous drink brands, or even shoe brands. Sponsors contribute not only to the popularity of your tournament but also with the funding of your event. The more sponsors, you get, the greater funds you will raise. Your co-sponsors may even pay for all the bottles!


#4. Prepare the Participants

Contact and involve local schools who may be interested in competing in the tournament. Contact sport managers and college or university coaches so that they can encourage their teams to participate. Brief the participating teams and send them all the details like the rules and regulations of the tournament, the mechanics of the game, the attire to wear, things to bring, parking, accommodations, guests, etc. Make sure they know the right time and venue of the event.


#5. Select Your Prizes

Select your prizes meticulously. Decide what awards to give and the corresponding prize for each. You may have trophies for major awards, medals for secondary, and ribbons for consolation prize. You may use other forms of prizes such as a cool T-shirt or hoodie with your tournament name on it. This will also serve as a great marketing ploy for you.


#6. Install Food, Refreshments and Photo Booths

Invite teams or sports personalities for a great photo op in your photo booth. Have food concessionaires to supply food for your hungry participants and guests. For your refreshments, have pure clean water available to quench the thirstiest sportsman. Choose The Water Depot to partner with on this project because The Water Depot only uses the highest quality bottles and top of the line digitally / flexo full color HD, water proof custom labels to promote your sports event and make it a hit. Contact us now for a custom label bottled water quote.

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