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Four Ways Businesses Can Use Bottled Water to Promote Their Brand

Bottled Water


As any business owner has noticed, advertising is difficult. No matter your field, the market is such a saturated place, and people are finding more and more ways to avoid absorbing the messages that are essential for a company to grow. So, instead of utilizing ineffective traditional methods of advertising, why not give a potential customer something that they truly want and need? Bottled water with your company’s label in the right place can help build confidence in your brand and spread a message of hospitality. Here are some ways a business can use labeled water bottles in their everyday operations.


Waiting Rooms

One of the first places a potential client or customer gains an impression of your business is the waiting room. Presenting refreshing bottled water can help boost your reputation right away, especially for any customers that are initially nervous. This is perfect for insurance companies, dentists and doctors’ offices, car dealerships, and attorneys’ offices.



This might come as a surprise to small businesses looking to advertise, but many vendors would jump at the chance to give out branded water bottles to their customers. Not only does it boost their reputation, but it gets your logo into more hands.


Expos and Conferences

Having a booth at a major industry event is always an exciting prospect for a business of any size. And if you’ve ever gone to an event in a convention center, you might have noticed the high cost of bottled water. Offering free water bottles to people who visit your booth will not only leave a lasting impression but help spread the word about your company’s hospitality.


Non-Profit Events

Whether you belong to a large company that sponsors non-profit events on a regular basis or a small business that never has, there is great opportunity to advertise in a meaningful way. Perfect for marathons, 5ks, and other outdoor or sporting events, labeled bottled water is a great way to get your brand seen by many people.


Hopefully, this short list gives you an idea of the kinds of ways you can use promotional bottled water to advertise in a way people will appreciate. Take advantage of the power of bottled water today with The Water Depot and our special deals today!

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