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Five Dynamic Ways for Banks to Enhance Customer Service

They say money makes the world go round, which is precisely why we’re so careful when choosing the institution that takes care of our hard-earned cash. As customers, we look for things like convenience and location when choosing our bank, but what’s more important than these things is customer service. How we’re treated inside the bank and how we’re made to feel during every part of the transaction speaks volumes about the bank and how they value customers’ experience.

Here’s a list of tips that banks can use to boost their customer service experience:

Gather client feedbackExisting research shows that customers view banks in a better light if such banks gather client feedback and suggestions. There are numerous methods to gauge client satisfaction, but be sure to offer other perks like snacks and custom bottled water during the survey.

• Conduct financial literacy seminars – This goes a long way toward helping your customers handle their finances better. This also allows you to introduce new programs and promotions the bank offers. Target off-season periods when your bank can offer free financial literacy classes to new customers. Once they complete a series of classes, you can offer your customers perks like free branded water bottles, to begin with. Then some bigger perks like no interest for a year on credit card applications, low down payment rate on car loan applications, or other perks that your bank has to offer.

Offer in-house financial advice – This could be part of your bank’s financial literacy program as a simple and direct way to help customers handle their investments and cash flow better. Your bank could refer to in-house financial advisors to walk-in clients and walk them through different scenarios, such as loans for buying their first home, how to save for retirement, how to handle credit card debt through strategic loan payments, and so on. A financial advisor allows your bank to have great success in reaching the target audience and developing a close network with your customers.

Conduct networking and financial forums – This is the perfect way to get your bank’s brand and vision out to your target market while allowing your bank to network closely with clients. Use this event for advertising and marketing the brand through customized tokens like canvas bags, personalized bottled water labels, speed folders with the company logo, key rings, and so on.

Stick to being trustworthy  Consistency is key to having loyal bank customers that will stick with you even during a financial crisis. This means that your bank cares for customers beyond profit and ensures that their credit and finances are in good hands. Banks must evolve from just being a lender to actually offering holistic services designed to help the customer grow their money pot.

Banks should be smart and creative when it comes to customer service experience. Remember that this is how you can attract new clients but retain old clients as well. It’s not just about offering customers plush seats, free cookies, and cold beverages but also about equipping them with the power to become financially literate and dynamic. Contact The Water Depot today so we can help you serve branded water bottles to your in-house clients and help with your marketing strategies.

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