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Get Hydrated and Stay in Good Health with These Types of Water Bottles

Most restaurants and other establishments offer free water to their guests, and many companies even hand out branded water bottles as part of their marketing strategy. But despite water availability in today’s modern world, it’s not really advisable to depend on this when you’re out and about. To keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, you’ll want to bring your own water wherever you go.

Before you can do so, though, you first have to choose which water bottle to put in your bag. There are plenty of options available nowadays but remember that not all of them are created equal! Some types of water bottles are made to be safe to use, while others are not, so you’ll have to do your research before making a purchase. You can start by looking for bottles that are made of the following materials:


Glass bottles have been a favorite among health-conscious individuals for many years since they provide a wide range of benefits. For one thing, they’re usually dishwasher-safe, so cleaning them doesn’t have to be a huge chore. They also don’t contain any chemicals that can seep into the water, so you don’t have to worry about drinking contaminated water that’s harmful to your health and has an unusual taste or smell.

Stainless Steel

Unlike their glass counterparts, stainless steel water bottles won’t easily shatter even when exposed to impact. This makes them a great option if you like hiking or other sports involving intense physical activity. Stainless steel bottles can also be made with a double-wall design to keep water at your desired temperature.

100% BPA Free Plastic

One of the downsides of using glass and water bottles is that they’re already heavy, even when they’re empty. So, if you’re looking for more lightweight options, you’ll want to consider using plastic bottles.

You’ve probably heard that plastic bottles aren’t a good option in terms of health and safety. However, this is no longer the case with the high-quality bottles that are brought about by modern innovation! Many plastic water bottles nowadays are 100 percent free of bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA), which has been found to seep into the water and other beverages. Studies have shown that BPA can have harmful effects, especially on infants and children, and increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease in adults. Using BPA-free bottles allows you to stay hydrated throughout the day without putting your health at risk. 

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Look for water bottles made of the materials listed above to enjoy safe and potable water wherever you go! There’s no need to worry since many manufacturers and suppliers now offer high-quality water bottles in various sizes, colors, and designs. Businesses, for example, can order custom-labeled water in durable bottles from The Water Depot.

We provide a wide range of personalized water bottles that help companies promote brand recognition and awareness and advertise their products and services. We use sturdy plastic bottles that are 100 percent recyclable and 100 percent free of BPA. We’ve also started offering rPET bottles, which are made of recycled plastic bottles and are good for the environment. Learn more about our world-class products today by giving us a call today!

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