Starter Page

The Starter Page is set to a full width as it’s default and it’s parent container is called “Page” and followed by the Blocks.

The Blocks that follows after a parent container called “Page” should be contained into a container that holds all the block inside the page, thus this is called the “Container – Group”.

After the “Container – Group” that holds all the content blocks. Each content block which is the ‘Content Element’ (ex. Paragraph, Image, Site Logo, etc.) should be contained inside a “Container – Row”.

The “Container-Row” will be the block who’ll take the attributes of the ‘Content Element’ like the paddings, margins, color properties, text properties, etc.).

Example of a “Container – Group” that has “no content width” for the inner block. It means that this container is a “full-width” container and

This is a sample “Container-Group” that has “no content width” for the inner block.

This is a sample “Container – Group” that has a “content width” for the inner block.